Sunday, November 5, 2006

Camp Crochet Texas

Hi Everyone,

Its a good thing that I crochet and knit better than I can manage a computer.    I finally got some great pictures from Camp Crochet Texas, and I am having one frustrating time getting them to appear on my blog.  Molly and Cher have been sending me the pics, but even after I managed to open them, I cannot find them.  aol has this new thing (well new to me anyway).  I never saw it before today, its called aol shoebox.  I am told that my pictures will be saved here till I decide where I want them to go. That would be great, except for the fact that I cannot find them.

Well after about 2 very frustrating hours, I called Dee  and luckily Dee was able to help me.  I managed to get 7 of the about 34 pictures that were sent to me,  to appear, and then everything just stopped.  Unfortunately I cannot spend any more time on this today, so more tomorrow or the next day, when I can figure out whats wrong.

The first group of pictures were taken at the Friday night "Meet and Greet".  Every one was tired from traveling, and feeling a bit goofy.  I even decided to have a strawberry daiquiri, and those who know me, know that that is a rare thing indeed.   Sorry that I have not identified everyone as yet, but I will try to place the names with the right faces soon.

There is more to come on this great event.

Have a great evening.


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