Thursday, November 30, 2006

Teaching Knitting and Crocheting

Good Morning Everyone,

I spent the Thanksgiving weekend with my family and had an interesting thing happen.  I have been trying to teach my 5 year old grand daughter how to crochet, and she is picking it up very well.  She brought her crocheting with her over the visit, and was busily working away, when her two older brothers, and 1 older cousin, also male, decided that they wanted to do something too, but they would rather knit.

At some point, several years ago, I had taught all of them to knit, but they had not done it since.  Luckily, I had needles and yarn with me (surprise, surprise), so I started all 3 of them knitting.  They picked it up so quickly, and in an hour or two,  all were happily knitting away.  There is a wonderful yarn shop literally in walking distance of my son's home.  Believe it or not, it is just about the only business in his small MA town, so naturally on Friday morning we visited the shop and bought some more yarn.  

My son took some pictures, but the boys did not want their pictures on my blog, but said it was okay if I wrote about it. 

I have always thought that it was easier to crochet than knit, maybe that is because I can crochet faster than I knit.  Watching the boys, and seeing just how easily they picked up the knitting, and struggled with crochet made me wonder.  Is it easier to teach someone to knit rather than crochet?  I would be interested to hear some of your thoughts on this.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Margaret--

How nice, that all the children now share an interest in yarn with you!  I hope it continues.

I think knitting is easier for some and crochet is easier for others.  I also think it depends on age, too--I think one is easier at some ages that the other and vice versa.  I know for me, when my mother tried to teach me to knit, I really was not interested.  But shortly after that, a neighbor taught me to crochet and I found it inherently logical and just ran with it.  It was decades until I picked up knitting needles again (I took some of my early knitting classes with you, not so long ago!).  

But I've found with students, too, even though I try hard to pass on that innate logic that I saw in the progression of stitches, some grasp it much more quickly than others and it doesn't necessarily seem to correlate with whether or not they have experience knitting.