Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Good Morning Everyone,

I arrived home,  from my trip to Indianapolis and The National Needlework Association conference, last night.   I was so tired but really walking on air.  The event was so exciting to me.  It was the largest that I have ever attended.  So many vendors, of every description, more than one could possibly visit in one day.  I never got to the far end of the convention hall till the third day. 

I arrived Friday night, after an endless day of delays, 10 minutes late for the fashion show.  I am so glad that I did not miss the show because it was spectacular.  The new fashions shown by all the yarn companies were really beautiful and so inspiring. 

It was such fun greeting old friends and meeting new ones.  Everyone is so friendly.  One of my nicest experiences was meeting Pam Butler from Angel Hair Yarn Co. www.ANGELHAIRYARN.COM   Pam was admiring my jacket, and telling me that she had just made a free form bag that appeared in Creative Knitting Magazine  .  She proudly showed me her creation and I smiled.  The look of surprise on her face when she realized that I had written the article and that the bag was my design was priceless.  I happened to be standing next to Bobbie Matela, editor of the magazine, so Bobbie took Pam's picture with the bag.  Pam then told me that she owned both my videos.  That's Pam and me in the first picture, and of course, that's the bag.  The shawl that I am wearing is one of my patterns from FUN WITH FREE FORM by Annie's Attic

Rita Weiss was there autographing her book 24-HOUR CROCHET PROJECTS,  and I was lucky enough to get one.  People were standing on line to get copies from authors. 

Another fun thing for me was spending some time with Deborah Doyle.  Deborah makes the most wonderful wood tools for knitting and crochet .   Deborah and I had met in CA at Chain Link last year,  but did not have much time to talk, so my time with her was special.

The second picture is the DRG booth.  I had to take this picture because my baby Neon Cardigan design is prominently displayed right at the top of the booth.  The third one is me again, with Carol Alexander, editor of Crochet Magazine     Crochet is the official magazine of Crochet Guild of America  Carol and her staff have worked so hard to make the magazine what it is today. 

The fourth picture is a picture of the Great Wall of Yarn.  This is a great feature at the TNNA events.  Many yarn companies place their yarn, especially new additions to their lines, up on the wall, and attendees are encouraged to take a little snip of their favorites and place it in a booklet provided by TNNA, which has a page for each company , so that when you get home you can review everything at leisure.   

The fifth picture is the many tables of new products introduced at the show.

The Sixth is a view of the exhibit of Twist and Turn.  I was able to get there early one morning when there were no visitors as yet.  There were some very interesting fiber projects on exhibit. 

Seven and Ten are views from the revolving roof restaurant at the top of the Hyatt.  We liked it so much, we went back a second time.

Eight was just a very interesting building right next door to my hotel.

Nine is a picture of the convention hall, which was so huge, everyone had sore tired feet at the end of every day.

I really have to unpack, get myself moving, I probably will think of more on this later.

have a great day.



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