Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Simple Crochet Vest

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I thought that I might have a few extra minutes this week, since my deadlines were met, and everything was in the mail.  Not happening.

I had a happy week though.  My grandson's high school graduation being the highlight, it is always a thrill for me to see another one off to college.  My granddaughter's dance recital, was the day after the graduation party, so all in all a very busy few days.  The rain threatened, but did not dampen the high spirits of everyone.  

My Monday morning class students are making real progress, especially my beginner.  I am so proud of her, as learning to crochet was a real challenge for her.  My student, who was not a raw beginner, but knew some stitches,  felt it was time for her to begin a "real" project, so another plateau reached. 

The project that I am starting them on is a simple filet mesh vest.  I designed this vest a long time ago, and it is a free pattern on my web site, but I thought that I would offer it here also.  The basic vest can be embellished with free form .  It can be made fairly quickly, and is easy, so makes great gifts. 

I cannot seem to get the text here, so if you cannot wait till I figure it out, you can go to www.margarethubertoriginals.com and get it there.  I will try again tomorrow.  I will also post a picture of the vest embellished with some free form motifs.

Have a great day




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