Friday, October 10, 2008

NZ workshops etc

Hi Everyone,

While the woman in our group continued to work on
our Free Form Projects, Stephen,
Tom and Marc went trout fishing.  They arrived
home with two huge trout. 
I am not a fish lover, and most who
know me well, know that I am also a very picky eater,
but even I could
appreciate the gorgeous presentation
of their "catch" at dinner
the next evening.

The next morning we board the bus again for our trip to
Wellington where we will attend the World of Wearable
Art Extravaganza.  This was truly one of the most
amazing things that I have ever attended.  They
did not allow photos inside.  It was non stop
entertainment, no intermission, for two + hours.  There
was lots of fun going on outside too, but I did not take my
camera as I knew photos were not allowed.  Others took
lots of pictures and hopefully will send me some.  Meanwhile
check out their website for some views of present and past

On the way, we were treated to sights of the magnificent
snow capped mountains.  Our bus driver told us it
is rare to see them so clearly as they are often covered
in mists.

I am off again for the weekend to attend the
Christening of our family's newest member -
my first great-grandchild, a little boy named Joshua.

 More on NZ when I get back.

Have a great holiday weekend!


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