Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Good Morning Everyone,

Back home once again from my long weekend.  I feel as if I
have been away from home forever.  I did have a lovely
weekend though.  I got to meet and hold the new baby,
what fun that is.   We had the most gorgeous weather
the entire time.  Bright sunshine, leaves turning color,
warm temperatures, and surrounded by family, what
could be better?

Back to NZ - The next day we visited the oldest firm of
loom makers in the world.  It was here that the cloth
for the capes and tunics  for the Lord of
the Rings movie and for other movies like Narnia, was spun.

We were treated to demonstrations on how the
cloth was still made to this day. 

As we entered the building, a huge wardrobe was
in front of us.

The doors opened, and we entered into a
different world!  We were treated to a
demonstration of how the cloth was spun
on the very old looms. 

Then we stepped from the old world of the factory to
the beautiful showroom, which housed all the
wonderful finished products.  Shawls, hats,
socks, sweaters, scarves. capes etc.

On our bus trips from place to place, we
were treated to the most magnificent views,
stops in quaint little towns for lunch or tea,
and plenty of shopping opportunities.

The weather was mostly crisp and clear, but
cool.  Here I am on the bus, wrapped in my
friend Lynn's felted throw.  Lynn worked so
hard to finish it  on the trip, I was honored
when she offered to let me use it.  It was so
warm and cozy in additional to be so beautiful.

I took over 300 photos on the trip.  I
promise I won't try to post all of them.
I do still have a few more that I would
like to share though.

Have a great day!


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Anonymous said...

I have truly enjoyed following your new Zealand adventure. One day, my husband and I would love to visit.