Wednesday, October 8, 2008

NEW ZEALAND Days 2 and 3

Good Morning All,

I think that I may be finally returning to "normal" this
morning.  Its been tough resetting the body clock this

Day 2, Sunday, Sept 21, we board our coach for a visit to
 Raewyn Penrose's studio.  Raewyn is a well known NZ
felter who does the most beautiful work.  After a look
around the gallery, those of us visiting the caves will
re-board the coach for the visit there, others will be staying
 to take a full days workshop with Raewyn.  On the way to
Waitomo Glow Worm Caves, we make a stop at
a Kiwi house.  The caves are a totally awesome
experience.  Huge caverns with unbelievable
formations, then a ride in a boat, in totally quiet
and darkness.  Suddenly you look up and above
is the sight of millions of brilliant little glow worms.
I could not believe it, not only was I in a cave, deep
in the earth, but one with little worms all over!

Some of Raewyn's spectacular pieces.

Judy and I at the Kiwi house, no photos allowed inside.

The entrance to the caves, no photos inside here either.

That's our bus driver, Henry, with Judy
and me.

This is where we exited the caves

Day 3, Mon, Sept 22, Soon after breakfast we start our journey
south, but not before we make stops at Knitworld and
The Knitters Warehouse, two wool shops in London St.
We stop in the quaint town of Cambridge for morning tea,
then on to the town of Tirau, with its corrugated iron sculptures
and "big sheep" wool gallery.  Later that afternoon we will
visit the "Craters of the Moon" thermal park, and the
breathtaking "Huka Falls".

We knew we had arrived at a special place by the
signs outside, but we were not prepared for the
sheer beauty of the setting and the items inside.

Pam trying on some of the wonderful knitwear for sale.

Town of Tirau, with its iron sculptures

Huge steam works

Me overlooking the Huka Falls, the photos do not
capture the sheer power of the water, rushing
through a relatively small space and cascading

Prudence, Phyllis and Me

Prudence managed to get a wool experience and
a sight seeing experience into almost every day.

No more time this morning, will try to add some each

Have a great day Everyone.


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