Thursday, October 16, 2008

NZ final days

Good Morning Everyone,

I am going to make this the final entry on New Zealand, then
I am going to try to move my blog.  I do not know yet what
this means and how you can find me again.  Dee tells me
that the title, MY HOOKS AND NEEDLES is taken already, so I am

I will post on various lists when the move is complete. You
can always write to me at

Our days in NZ are coming to an end, but we still have
some fun in store. 

We visited the Te Puia thermal village which is located
close to central Rotorua.  In addition we attended a
Maori Cultural Show.

Soon we will board the coach for our final journey to
Aukland, via Tauranga, and our final chance to shop.
We take a short ferry trip across to Auckland's North
Shore to visit the historical maritime village of
Devonport.  Time to get that last ball of merino
at Wild & Wooly, check out the vintage bookshops, have
lunch.  We are all tired and happy, ready for our journey
home, but sad to leave New Zealand and all our new

All the yellow color that you see in the rocks is sulphur.
At certain times, the sulphur smell is very strong.

This is the Maori king welcoming us to his village.
We had to have someone from our group volunteer
to represent us and be our "king" in order to take
part in the welcoming ceremony.  It is taken very
seriously, and we are cautioned not to talk or laugh
during the ceremony.

The Maori are great weavers and carvers

Enjoying the sunshine and working on the Pink
Project, trying to finish up the last scrumbles.

What's a girl to do when she forgets her knitting
needles?  Why knit with her pens of course.

Our last trip as a group, a tour of Auckland and
visit to Devonport.

Geraldine, me and Tom

Me, Jane, Phyllis and Prudence

Judy, me, Lynn and Sheryl

Hope to see everyone on my new blog.



Anonymous said...

Wow--look at all of the "pink" on that table!!
Your pics are wonderful. Thank you for sharing them.

~yolanda said...

Knitting with pens. Now that is funny!