Thursday, October 9, 2008

NEW ZEALAND Days 3 and 4

Hi All,

I'll continue on our trip.  After our visit to the Falls and the
Craters of the Moon, we finally made our way into Taupo.
Taupo was our beautiful base for the next 3 days of workshops,
Free Forming with Prudence.
 Our rooms were large and comfortable, we
even had a suite, with a kitchen and a fireplace in the living room.
It was really cool, so the fire felt great.

More at Craters of the Moon

Geraldine, me, Lynn and Sheryl

We begin our workshop, The picture is not great
but you can see the lovely view from our windows.
We are overlooking Lake Taupo, which is the
largest lake in New Zealand.  The water is a lovely,
vibrant blue,green which does not show in my photo.
What a wonderful place to have a workshop.

The furniture was so big, I felt as if I wandered into
a giant's house.

We all wanted to learn Prudence's little spiral, That's
Prudence's on the right, mine on top. Pam's left.  We're
not quite up to Prudence (yet)!

Me and Pam

Stephen, me and Prudence, first day in Taupo.

Lots more to come.


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