Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More photos from New Hampshire Conference

Hi Everyone,

There was truly so much going on every day at the
conference that I think that I will just post a lot of
pictures and let them tell the story.
Below are pictures from our International Free Form group

We all made a scrumble and sent them to Mel, who assembled
them into a magnificent vest to be presented to Brian, from
Brainsbarn (who made the wonderful commemorative hook
for the conference).  At the dinner, Mel presented him with the
gift, beautifully wrapped.  As a gag, Mel was wearing the vest
all evening, and Brian's box was empty.

The look on his face was really something to see.

Such anticipation, look at that smile.

Whats this all about, he cannot believe it - NOTHING!


Mel had Brian turn around (he's such a ham), then she stuffed the
vest in the empty box, and had him re-open it
Brian wore the vest in the fashion show and stole the

My fashion show pictures are dark, my flash just
does not work from such distance.  That's me
up there.

More tomorrow

Good night,


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