Tuesday, February 19, 2008



After a trip with delays, snow, rain, and traffic, I am home from MN and the great Knit and Crochet event at the Mall Of America.  Totally exhausted and so glad to be home.

The trip to MN was much more pleasant.  No delays at all, wonderful flight, great landing.  The passengers even applauded the captain on landing.   I discovered Barbara Hillery Van EIsen  and I were on the same plane and lots of others from the NY area also.  One of my seat mates was Zontee Hou, from Lion Brand Yarns, and it was great meeting Zontee.   I arrived Friday afternoon, snow on the ground and minus 2 degrees.  The cold was really something. 

Some photos from the wonderful trip.
Upon checking into the hotel, I spotted a sign just down
the hall.  Upon investigating, I found that the yarn council
had set up a hospitality room, and it was already filled
with attendees.

Every one was chatting and knitting or crocheting.

Nicky Epstein center, Lisa Gentry right.

There was lots of sharing of ideas and techniques
going on.  Everyone getting to know each other
was great fun.

I have only been here a very short time and the fun
has started.

Much more to come later.

Have a great day!


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Anonymous said...

I am soooo jealous Looks like an awesome time. I just found your journal and enjoy it very much. Looking forward to more of your entries.