Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Good Morning Everyone,

I still have lots of photos from the Mall to share, here are a few more.

The Rotunda, where most of the activities took place

Vicky Howell introducing the authors

Nicky Epstein COVER UP WITH NICKY EPSTEIN and NICKY EPSTEIN'S CROCHETED FLOWERS, Edie Eckman , THE CROCHET ANSWER BOOK, Annie Modesitt and Drew Emborsky, MEN WHO KNIT & DOGS WHO LOVE THEM,  Karen Thalacker, KNITTING WITH GIGI, Melissa Morgan-Oakes 2 AT-A-TIME SOCKS., Susan B. Anderson ITTY BITTY NURSERY, Kristin Nicholas, KRISTIN KNITS, Antje Gillingham, KNITTING CIRCLES AROUND SOCKS, Isela Phelps, LOOM KNITTING PRIMER (I hope I got that all right)

More  photos from the demos

Have a great day


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