Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Good Morning and Happy Valentine's Day,

I know its a little early, but I may not get back to posting
again till its too late.

Sunday, we had a Happily Hooked on Crochet guild meeting in Danbury CT, and what a lively meeting it was.  We had several guests and four of them signed up as new members.  We are really growing by leaps and bounds.  If more people join, we will have to find a bigger place to meet, isn't that wonderful!

Joining me as a guest, and now one of our new
members, Phyllis Sandford.  Phyllis, along with her
co-author Sharon Mann have a new book called
CROCHET KID STUFF, which is available on amazon.com

Grace, our president, arranged to have one of Phyllis' books
for a raffle.

Phyllis and Me, posing again :-)

Dee Stanziano, http://crochetwithdee.com
taught us how to do a Clones Knot, and I taught
Bullion and Limpet stitches.  There is something going
on at each meeting, and there is always something new
to learn.

You can see a you tube video of the bullion st at


Dee was one of the original founders of the group
and still works very hard at helping our
president, Grace Gardiner.  Besides being a tireless worker, and a fun person,
Grace is an avid crocheter
and keeps our group lively and fun, always thinking
of ways to make the meetings interesting.

Pat Shea, another new member brought her
beautiful felted bags to share with us

Hinda Ader, joined us a few months ago.
Hinda brought her beautiful window pane
afghan for "show and tell"


One of the most wonderful things about our group
is the fantastic charity work that wedo.  116 Chemo
Caps for Danbury hospital, were brought in to the meeting
and these were added to the 75 brought in last month, for
a total of 191 Chemo Caps.  Is that not amazing or what?

Have a great day Everyone


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