Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ravelry etc

Happy Sunday Everyone,

I know that I absolutely overwork the word "amazing" when it comes to the Internet.  I cannot help that I am constantly blown away with each new thing that I learn.

It goes without saying that the network of friends made around the world is truly unbelievable.  Several years ago, I contributed to an exhibit, which took place in Israel, and my theme was exactly that subject, and I named it "Connections".
Several of us, on the International Free Form Crochet list, contributed to the Fiber Exhibit that took place in Haifa.

The funny story behind my piece is, that I was attending a lecture on literature.  The lecturer was Rock Brynner (son of Yul of movie fame).  Any way, Mr Brynner is an avid conservationist, and he started off the lecture by giving his point of view on how we could all help save the planet.  He went on to liken our world to a sweater, and there was a little pull here, and a little snag there, and a moth hole somewhere else, and soon the whole darn sweater would unravel.  Someone in the audience, knowing I was there, said "give it to Margaret, she can fix it", everyone laughed. 

Shortly thereafter, when I was asked to participate in the exhibit, and the theme had to be fiber related, and had to have figures in it.  They could be lifelike or they could be abstract.  Well figures are not my thing, and I could not come up with an idea.  I kept thinking of our world as a sweater, and the germ of an idea began to take place.  If we all did our little part, then we could save the planet, and I envisioned women the world over coming together to help - and Connections was born.  I always felt that it was kind of child like, but others seem to like it, and that little piece has traveled more that me.

When I received my first computer, as a gift, I never imagined the wonder of it all.  And now we have Ravelry 

If you do not know about ravelry, please check it out.  It is the most wonderful site for all things knitted and crocheted and more.  I am still "baby stepping" my way around, because there is a lot to learn, but each day I make new strides and more new friends.  I did have lots of help from my friend Dee,
who taught me how to get my pictures up on ravelry, along with some other important things, like joining new groups etc.

Dee is a great friend to have when you need help, especially technical stuff, and is single handedly responsible for me having a blog, and now helping me navigate around ravelry.
Thank you Dee.

Have a great day.


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