Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Hi Again,

After being out again all day today, I decided to try to get a few more pictures up from the EVENT at the Mall Of America.

Lots of fun going on in the hospitality room.  Somewhere
in my notes I really did jot down names to go with my photos,
but so far, I have not found them :-)

Nicky Epstein, Me, Lisa Gentry hanging out in the hospitality
room.  Nicky has two new books coming out - COVER UP WITH NICKY
EPSTEIN and NICKY EPSTEIN'S CROCHETED FLOWERS.  I love both books, but COVER UP is a really beautiful book of some of the most spectacular afghans that I have ever seen.  http://nickyepstein.com
I love this book.

Lisa's new book is I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M CHAIN KNITTING, a great technique to add some zest to your knitting http://lisagentry.com
Lisa showed some of us how she creates her chain knitting.  Lisa
also holds the US Yarn Council  and Guinness Book records for
the Fastest Crocheter, her fingers fly!

Barbara Hillery-Van Elsen  http://www.PlayingwithString.com
and Evie Rosen, manning
the Warm Up America Booth.  Evie is founder of
Warm up America http://warmupamerica.com
and Barbara is founder of
the New York City Crochet Guild.  They spent 2 days
collecting and  assembling the thousands of squares that
were donated for the project.  Throughout the day, others
stopped by to help.  I even got to assemble some of the

Between demos, I volunteered at the teaching center.
My star pupil was Hayley, who learned to knit pretty quickly.
Hayley is nine years old and an enthusiastic student.  I taught
her grandma how to crochet, so it was a delightful afternoon.

At my afternoon demo we had a great crowd, and if you
look carefully on the right, you can see Hayley and Grandma
in the crowd.

I missed the fashion show on day 1, because my demo was at
the same time as the fashion show.  On the second day, I was so
 far back that my pictures are not too good.  If you go to  http://www.knottygeneration.com/
You can see some great photos, taken by my friend and fellow
crochet/knit enthusiast, Pam Gillette.

Still more to come, maybe tomorrow.

Have a great evening.


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