Thursday, February 21, 2008


Good Morning Everyone,

There was so much going on at the
 Knit/Crochet Event at the Mall, that it is hard for me
 to keep the photos in any kind of order.
 I'm just loading them in and trying to show you
 as much as possible.

Pam Gillette and Me, we kept bumping into each
other while running to our various "need to be" places.

Hazel Tindall (left) from the Shetland Islands, the fasted knitter 2008,
represented the UK Craft Council. Miriam Tegels (center) from
 Holland, Guinness Fastest Knitter title holder.
Wannietta Prescod (right) Canadian Fastest Knitter champion. 
France was also represented,
but I did not get her name or photo.

International Champions competing in fastest knitter
contest.  Hazel Tindall, from the Shetland Islands won.
From left to right Wannietta Prescod, Canada, Miriam Tegels,
Holland, Hazel Tindall, The Shetland Islands,
Lisa Gentry, US, and
the woman from France is far right.

For some reason I cannot add the fashion show
pictures.  I managed to get this one in, and the others
will not download.  No time to figure it out now.  I'll
try again later.

Have a great day.


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Anonymous said...

Margaret, I'm so glad we kept bumping into each other!!  So good to see you! -Pam