Monday, September 18, 2006

Caps for the Capitol

Happy Monday Everyone,

I returned home from my usual Monday morning class feeling very happy. 

 Last week I was telling my students about Caps for the Capital, and the project that many knitters and crocheters were working on.  Millions of premature infants die each year, world wide, because they cannot be kept warm in the crucial first hours of life.  The simple act of covering their tiny heads with a warm hat helps save lives. 

The New York City crochet Guild had promised the organizers 1000 premie hats to be delivered at the Knit/Crochet Event, that was held yesterday in New York City.  When they thought that they might not reach their goal, they put out a call for help from some other chapters.  Well, yesterday, they presented over 2000 hats, with a promise of more to come.  Our chapter in Ct, The Happily Hooked on Crochet Club, also did our part. Everyone was overwhelmed with this outpouring. 

When I went into my class this morning, at the Yarn and Craft Box in Pawling, NY, I had a very happy surprise.  One of my student's, Marlene Stone, presented me with 32 little hats that she had made from last week.  This project has touched the hearts of so many people around the country, and I am sure that in the next few months, we will be getting many more donated.  Thanks so much Marlene, for your help. 

Tomorrow, I will try to post about my day in the city, along with pictures.  The Knit/Crochet Out, was a fabulous event.

Enjoy the rest of the day


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Anonymous said...

The hats are beautiful!  What a precious thing for you all to do! :)
I found your journal through the VIVI awards journal.  You were recommended for best craft journal by somebody, so I thought I would come check your journal out.  You have a very interesting life going here, and a very interesting craft!  When I was younger I used to crochet a lot, and I did free form.  I should get back to it.