Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Getting ready for a demo at the NYC event etc.

Good Morning Everyone,

Along with all the exciting Crochet and Knit events that I get to attend, and with all the books and magazine designs, and the workshops, comes the knitty gritty work.  That is where I am right now.  I am literally up to my neck in boxes of yarn, busily crocheting, knitting and writing instructions for all the projects.  In the midst of all this, I am trying to get ready for the big New York City Knit Out/Crochet Too, being held this coming Sunday,  from noon to five in Union Square Park in NYC.   I am scheduled to do a demo on Free Form Crochet,  around 3 in the afternoon, so if you are there, come by and say hello.

When I first started doing Free Form work, I always worked in nuetral colors only.  About 5 years ago I started experimenting with more and more color.  Now anything goes, I love it all.

I recently signed contracts to do another book for Creative Publishing International, the sixth (more on this much later), and my fifth for them, is in the final stages of printing.  You will be hearing a lot more about these 2 new books when it is closer to a release date.  All I can tell you about them at this time, is that they are really at different ends of the spectrum. 

You probably all know  that the first four books, HOOKED BAGS, HOOKED HATS, HOOKED THROWS and HOOKED SCARVES are available right now and can be purchased on or in bookstores or yarn shops.

In addition to this, I am still working on other projects that are very much in the works and slowly progressing toward the finish line.   I was thinking this very morning that it is a good thing that I love doing all this, otherwise I might feel a little overwhelmed at the moment :-)!

Have a great day




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Anonymous said...

Wow, your work is spectacular!  I want to get back into what I did when I was younger!  You inspire me.  I love your colors, especially the purple.  Keep using it!