Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Newest Book

Good Morning Everyone,

I had a really nice surprise yesterday.  I received an advance copy of my newest book - HOOKED THROWS.  This is the third in a series of books that I am doing for Creative Publishing International and is available to order on .  I am so happy with the book.  Like the others, the photography is amazing, the instructions are not crowded on a page, lots of space, easy to read, and a basics section with close-up photos of details.  Another great advantage is  the ring binding that allows the book to lie flat while you are working. 

Most of the designs are easy and fast to complete, some are a little more challenging.  I wanted the book to appeal to beginners as well as more experienced crocheters, something for everyone, and I think that I have achieved that. 

HOOKED BAGS was the first in this series, HOOKED HATS came next and they are both available on amazon or in several book stores and local yarn shops.  Still to come HOOKED SCARVES, available in the fall,  and a fifth which  I just finished (and which will have to remain a little secret for now) will follow soon after.

Very exciting time for me.

Have a great day


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