Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More on the King of Prussia Conference

Hi Every One,

I added some more pictures from the conference.  The first is a picture of Myra Wood setting up the exhibit at the Free Form Booth.  You can see more about it at 

The next 2 pictures are of Myra modeling the Coat of Many Scrumbles.  The coat was assembled by Prudence Mapstone, from the many pieces that were sent to her by members of the Free Form List.  Prudence also fashioned a shawl and an umbrella, but unfortunately my pictures of these items did not turn out.  Prudence said that she  will send me some photos when she gets back home.

I enjoyed meeting Bethany, who  was wearing a sweater that she made using my instructions in the "How to Free Form" book.  While it is true, that once you write instructions, it is technically not free form any longer, but it is my hope that the book will be a starting place for a beginner.  Bethany's interpretation of my pattern proves my point.  She put her own take on it, and it was stunning. 

I had such fun meeting Mary Jane at Professional Development Day.    Her friend is a fan of mine, and Mary Jane told her, that the chances of meeting me in such a large gathering were slim, she was so surprised when she found out that we would be sitting side by side.  Her enthusiasm made my day.

When we arrived at Professional Development Day, there were huge heaps of yarn, needles and hooks on the tables.  Rita Weiss asked each of us to  make a 12 inch square or two, the squares would then be joined together to make afghans for  Warm up the World.  We all started to make squares, while listening to the guest speaker, and before the end of the day, a huge box of squares were made.  We got to see a finished afghan Saturday night.

Another highlight for me was seeing the ladies from Crochet Texas again.  I will be doing a workshop for them in October and I cannot wait.  I am sure that we will have a ball.  They are a fun, enthusiastic group.

I had to include a picture of me visiting the Liberty Bell.  I had never been to Philadelphia before so I was glad that I had the opportunity to sight see a little.

Have a good night all



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