Wednesday, July 19, 2006

CGOA/TKGA Conference in Valley Forge, Pa

Good Morning Everyone,

I arrived home last night from my week in Valley Forge, PA, attending the CGOA/TKGA conference.  Wow, what a fabulous time was had by all.

I started my week of fun almost immediately upon arrival.  I arrived late Tuesday afternoon, opened the door to my room (and wow, what a room) and Prudence said "Glad you are here, we are going out".  We are being picked up by Nancy and taken to her shop in Philadelphia to attend her weekly knit/crochet group.  Nancy's shop is so very charming, and her building is surrounded by art work.  We had a great night exploring the shop, the surrounding area, and meeting Nancy's group.

I belong to a Free Form On Line List, and our exhibit of 60 Odd Free Form crochet was displayed in our very own booth.  The Founder of CGOA, Gwen Blakely Kinsler, , made this happen.  Myra Wood, another member, arranged to get the exhibit to PA, and planned the whole exhibit and got the display together (Thank you Myra).  With the help of Prudence Mapstone  and Melanie Gill, Myra got all the pieces hung and labeled.  Our booth was visited by so many attendees, and Free Form made a big splash at the fashion show too.  Everything truly looked spectacular.

So much to tell, I know that I am forgetting something, but I will add as I remember.

I attended Professional Development Day, and that was very informative, and I got to sit in with some great professionals.  Jean Leinhauser, Rita Weiss, Kathleen Power Johnson, and Vashti Braha, just to name a few. 

One of the reasons the conferences are such fun, is getting to meet, face to face, all the people you read about and the  people you meet on line. 

Quite a few of our members attended the conference and most of us managed to get together for a dinner.  Melanie Gill, one of our members arranged the dinner plans, and believe me, this was no small feat (Thank you Mel).  After the dinner, we met at the After Hours session sponsored by Berroco Yarns.  Those that could not make the dinner met us there, and we continued the party. 

In picture 4, Brian and Anne from joined us.  Anne Crochets, Brian makes wonderful hooks, check them out.

More as I remember,

Have a great day





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