Tuesday, July 4, 2006

A Crochet Book Mystery

Happy Fourth Everyone,

Several months ago, at a Happily Hooked on Crochet guild meeting, one of the members, Celeste,  mentioned that she was trying to buy a book that she had seen a picture of.  The description of the book sounded very intriguing.  Among other things it said that it contained such crochet stitches as The Lilliput Stitch and the Pistachio Stitch.  It also included Fence motifs.  Celeste asked me if I had ever heard of these stitches, and I had not.  It really peaked my interest though.

Celeste really wanted that book and I was interested in seeing it myself.  After several tries on line she came up empty handed.  I tried a search and found the book on amazon.uk and I ordered it for Celeste.  After a few more months and several e-mails from amazon telling me it would be a little while longer, I just received a "sorry" we cannot deliver.  I put a call out on two crochet lists, asking if anyone heard of this book, or actually owned it.  I received lots of replies, but so far no one claiming that they own the book.  One nice person found a seller on ebay who claimed to have 117 copies, and you could buy it now.  I was over joyed, and I sent the information to Celeste.  Within the hour, I received another e-mail stating that the seller on ebay, actually did not have the copies, but would order them directly from the publisher.  We have a title, we have the proper ISBN number, we have the author, and the publisher.  Even on the publishers site, it comes up as no match.  I am wondering if this book was ever printed at all.  Does any one out there really own this mystery book??  I would love to hear from you, and I am sure that Celeste would too.

The Name of the book is Beautiful Crochet Stitch Patterns, by Adam Ward, published by Sterling, ISBN number 1402708327, released 11-01-2004.

The search was fun, took way too much time, and still no book.  Oh well, I had fun "talking" to lots of people joining in the hunt.   enjoy the rest of day everyone, the mystery still continues.




Anonymous said...

I found the same as you the only clue I found was it was a selection for the Crafters choice book club I belong I checked its not currently listed but maybe they can help.
I truelly got a big let down I gave away awhile ago, Modular crochet a book from 1978. Its listed for between $89-$178

Anonymous said...

I checked on Ebay and they have a listing of Beautiful Crochet Stitch Patterns for 26.95 coming from overseas. But it did not list who the publisher of author is. I hope this might be the book your looking for.

Anonymous said...

Margaret, The book that is listed on Ebay is the book your looking for. The item number is 8410278474 from the United Kingdom. Its listed for 26.79 and in great condition. I hope this helps you out. I would love to know these stitches as well:)Sherri

Anonymous said...

I think the book may be available here