Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sylvia Cosh Memorial Wall Hanging

Happy Mother's Day Everyone,

I forgot to mention that one of the photos in my first post about Morcambe, is a photo of the wall hanging that was created by many members of the International Free Form Group.  This wall hanging was made in memory of Sylvia Cosh, who along with James Walters, did so much to promote this creative  process that we call Free Form. 

Sylvia and James were pioneers in the craft, having written many books and taught in venues in several countries. 

The picture does not do the wall hanging justice.  In person it is spectacular.  It is made up of "scrumbles" ( a word that Sylvia and James coined to describe all of the little pieces of crochet/knitting),  that were made by many people on the list, then assembled into one magnificent piece.  One of the members, Veronica Peck,  then fashioned a huge wooden crochet hook, used as the bar to hang the piece from.  A lovely tribute to Sylvia. 

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Thanks for sharing your experiences with us its great!