Friday, May 12, 2006

More from Morcambe

Good Morning Everyone,

Its a gloomy, rainy morning here, but I guess the flowers need the rain.  Not great for driving though, as it is quite stormy and windy, or any outdoor activity for that matter.

One of the greatest parts of attending the many knitting and crochet events that are offered throughout the year, is the people that you meet.  In our workshop, we had people from England, Scotland, Wales, Australia and the US.  The comradery and exchange of ideas cannot be matched.  One of the attendees, Sheila (who lives in England) met me while attending my workshop at Stitches East in Atlantic City, last year.  Sheila said that the meeting of fellow enthusiasts, sharing ideas etc, was very special to her, and that she loved attending these events.  Every one felt the same.

The first picture is Prudence Mapstone and me, on a lovely hillside in the Lake District.  Prudence has been my guardian angel in my travels.  It was Prudence who encouraged me to go to Australia to The Fiber Forum in Geelong.  She helped me so much with all the arrangements and  made my stay a very enjoyable one. 

The second picture is, back row, Sasha Kagan , Bonnie (also a US visitor) and Pauline.  Sitting in front is Prudence, and Dorothy B. from England.  Third photo is of Sheila, Marie and Helen J, a member of our International Free Form group, who lives in England and was Pauline's assistant at this event.

I will continue to add more bits and pieces about Morcambe in the coming days.

Have a great day !


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Anonymous said...

The other lady on pic 2 is Dorothy Burton, from Bentham, near Lancaster.