Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My New Books etc

Good Morning Everyone,

It has taken me a while to get back on schedule after my trip.  My body refuses to adjust to NY time. 

While I was in England, I ran out of space in my camera for taking photos.  Prudence had her lap top with her, and every night she would download her days photos onto her lap top.  We would then review the photos, and enjoy our day all over again.  Prudence took a lot of pictures with me in them, and as soon as she gets a chance she will send them, and I will share a little more of Morcambe with you. 

My new books have started to ship, and I am already getting nice comments from readers.  It was very gratifying to me, that the first two e-mails both said the same thing.  Both stated that they loved both books, but the bag book was the first book that they had seen in a very long time, that they wanted to make every project in it.   That made my day, because it is rare to find a book that you want to make everything in it.

I am so busy meeting my design committments and getting ready for a workshops this weekend.  I will be teaching in New York City, for the New York City Crochet Guild.  The workshop that I will be teaching is "Adjusting Patterns to Fit".  So many people have trouble getting a proper fit when they knit or crochet a garment, so this workshop has become very popular since I introduced it last spring.  The NYC Crochet Guild is a great group and I am looking forward to seeing them all again. 

Have a great day, the sun is actually out!


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