Friday, May 19, 2006

More from Morcambe/London

Good Morning Everyone,

I am really happy this morning, even though the skies are dark and it is raining again.  Everything is finally "greening up" and the heavenly scent of the lilacs fill the air.  Flowers are every where.

I am particularly happy, because Prudence, has taken time out of her really busy schedule, to send me some photos.  I warned you that she took a lot of photos with me in them.  I won't bore you with them all, I promise, but I thought the above ones were great.

The first one is Prudence, James Walters  and I, at the Craft Fair and Exhibit in Morcambe, the Saturday after the workshop.  Prudence and I look like bookends for James.  James looks like a gentle giant, compared to us. 

The next one is me in front of St. Margaret's.  I could not resist taking that photo.  I am going to send it to all my friends who jokingly call me "St. Margaret" (they know why)!  Next,  me again in Hyde Park, and ditto, with the guard.  Notice even the horse is totally ignoring me. 

The first time that I went to a crochet convention, it was Chain Link, the Crochet Guild of America event, in Chicago.  I was truly amazed at the events, the fun of meeting so many people who really "get" what you love, and the friends that you make.  That first trip, I never left the hotel.  I boarded the hotel bus at the airport, attended the convention, got the bus back to the airport.  Since then, every time that I travel to one of the events, I plan a few extra days to see the surrounding area and that has been such fun.  So, that is why I planned some time in London, while visiting Morcambe, and Prudence, Mel and I, had some fun time while there.

Have a great day


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