Thursday, August 13, 2009

The workshops begin

Good Morning All,

It is raining again, but a good day to tackle some of the stuff on my to-do list.

Professional Development Day was Wednesday. A very nice turnout attended. After the morning sessions, I attended Myra Wood's session on Self Publishing. Myra has successfully published 2 books and they are really great (Creative Crochet Lace and Knitted Lace).

My workshops began on Thursday morning with Double Sided Crochet. I was teaching a few of the nicest (in my opinion) double sided stitches. The most popular one of all being the double sided shell stitch. I had a beautiful blanket made in this stitch and Wednesday night realized that I forgot to pack it. I was so upset, even though I had some smaller samples to show the class. Someone suggested that I start a new blanket, so I did. We had received some Lion Brand Yarn in our goodie bags so I was using it to begin my blanket. By the end of the day, some friends were donating their yarn to the cause. By Thursday morning, I had quite a lot done and enough to show the class. The pink blanket was done by my student Carol D, who took my workshop a few months ago.

Janet B., Ella E., Marcine M., Diane M., Jeanette N., and KJH, shown in the photo are all happy campers showing off their class work.


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