Saturday, August 15, 2009



Sorry that it has taken me a whole week to get conference photos posted, but recovery from a conference takes me a while.

The first photo is one more of Renee's Grand Prize Winning Dress. Renee was my student last year, so needless to say I am very proud of her. The second photo is a group from my last class of the week. We are still smiling and having fun. The other photos are from my Intermeshing Crochet Class. The student's were so happy that they "got it". So much fun to watch their progress. Also shown are Free Form Crochet and Knitting in Combination. The fun of this class is to see all the different interpretations of the homework. Patchwork Knitting class was really fun, and students were on a roll, trying different methods and having a ball. Sensational Slip Stitches was my last class on Sunday afternoon. I was tired and so were the students. Fortunately it was my smallest class, so we had fun and some really "one on one" teaching. I forgot to take pictures in a few of my classes, one class (Finishing like a pro) had 25 students. We managed, but several students thought the class was too large and I agreed with them. If we do it again, I will do half as many students.

Another glitch, in my Entrelac Knitting class, my booklet had a page missing. We got through it, and I have since sent my student's the missing information, never the less, I felt bad about it. Such are the highs and lows of a conference teacher.
All in all I think that most of my students felt that they learned a lot and had fun.

Everyone at the conference had their picture taken with the Buffalos in the lobby of the conference center. I could not leave without doing the same, so Mr Dee did the honors and took my picture.

Others will be sending me photos from the conference, so as I receive them, I will post them.

I am fully back on schedule, working away on my newest book, while still doing some minor tech editing on my recently finished book, THE COMPLETE PHOTO GUIDE TO CROCHET, which is already available for pre order on amazon. Working on back to back books is challenging, but I love having so much to do, keeps me sane.

Have a great weekend, it is shaping up to be the best one of the summer in our part of the world, enjoy.


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