Friday, August 14, 2009

The CGOA Crochet Contest at the conference

Good Morning All,

I am slowly getting caught up on my "to-do" list after being away for 7 days.

One of the high lights of the conference was the Crochet Guild of America Crochet Contest. I was able to take some photos of the winners in the fashion category.
They were all stunning. Renee Barnes won the grand prize for her white dress, which was a vision in lace and free form. Renee took my free form workshop last year, and I think that I created a monster. She beat out my entry, which received an honorable mention, way to go Renee. Renee was not able to be at the conference, but I was able to speak to her afterward, and she was just bubbling over with enthusiasm and joy that her entry had won.

Here is a list of winners from Doris Chan, there is one name missing, which I will
add when I get it.

2009 CGOA Design Contest Winners
Grand Prize ($1000 from Coats & Clark)
“Crochet Confection Evening Gown”, designed by Renee Barnes
Peoples’ Choice
“Wedding Gown”, designed by Paula Bennett

First Prize ($300 from Coats & Clark) “Flamenco Dancer Dress”, Patricia Williams
Second Prize ($200 from the Boye Needle Company) “Ocean Fiesta Dress”, Andrea Graciarena
Third Prize ($100 from DRG’s Crochet Magazine) “Sophisticated Spring”, Paula Bennett
Honorable Mention
Baby Dress Set by Carol Carlile
Short-sleeved Jacket with shawl collar by Margaret Hubert
Wedding Dress by Paula Bennett
Double-breasted Jacket by Mary Jane Hall
Bruges Lacy Dress by Hyacinth Thomas
Corset Top by Tracie Barrett
Playing the Angles Cardigan by Deborah Burger

CATEGORY: Home Decor
First Prize ($300 from Coats & Clark) Doily by Ferosa Harold
Second Prize ($200 from Interweave Crochet) Freeform Pillow by Shelby Lynn Allaho
Third Prize ($100 from DRG’s Crochet Magazine) Victori Africana Footstool by Rhonda Davis
Honorable Mention
Tamara’s Trail Throw by Tamara Gonzales
Avalon Doily by Kathryn White
Irish Lace Mat by Kathie Earle Doily by Ferosa Harold

CATEGORY: Accessories
First Prize ($300 from Coats & Clark) Spring Handbag by Jerry Rigdon, freeform bag
Second Prize ($200 from Boye) Black and White Headpiece and bag by Kathie Earle, DMC cotton #80
Third Prize ($100 from DRG’s Crochet Magazine) Butterfly Necklace by Sonja Hood, done in wire and glass
Honorable Mention
Evening Clutch Bag by Diane Moyer Silk,
Silver and Lace Purse by Julia Bryan
Beaded Evening Bag by Sonja Hood
Freeform Hat with Earflaps by Leslie Nelle-Urinyi

CATEGORY: Crochet as Art
First Prize ($300 from Coats & Clark) Heartrock Hotel by Gwen Blakley Kinsler
Second Prize ($200 from Interweave Crochet) The Harvest by Carol Ventura
Third Prize ($100 from Martingale & Co) Pop Top Bowl by Denise Royal
Honorable Mention
Crochet on a Rock with a Twist of Lime, Gwen Blakley Kinsler
Crochet Cabernet, Andera Van Benschoten
Prayer Flags by Martha Furman Kosro

That's Rita Weiss, president of CGOA, presenting the awards,with Bobbie Matela. Sorry, I do not know the names of all the models, but that's Myra Wood on the left, wearing the stunning Sophisticated Spring gown, by Paula Bennett.

Have a great day everyone, still more conference news to come, have to get back to work now.



tammystreasures said...

Hi Margaret,
The models are Kang Hyo Min and Kazue Ohara both from Tulip Company and Kimberly McAlindin.

TurquoizBlue said...

I love them all. Each garment is equally beautiful.