Thursday, April 17, 2008




                                 Hi Everyone

Finally getting caught up from traveling etc.  Just found out yesterday, that Knits for Men, my newest book will be ready for shipping in May.  Hopefully, I will have them while teaching in NH in July.  I have not seen the finished book yet, but the proof pages look terrific.

Some more pictures from Dallas/Fort Worth Fiber Fest.

Ding, ding, ding went the trolley - me riding the trolley
in Dallas.

Jan and Gaylia, my charming guides around the city

Some of the sights from the trolley

we went to lunch, checked out the clothes in some
neat little boutiques, then checked out some gorgeous
homes on Swiss St (or Ave).  A part of the city that is
being restored.  Really magnificent.

It was 32 the day I left for Texas so I enjoyed the green grass and flowering trees a lot.

Still more pictures in the camera, no more time to play.

Have a great day.


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