Wednesday, April 23, 2008


 Good Morning Everone

 I started Spring Cleaning last week
 and as usual was dragging my feet.
 It is, by far, more fun to play.  I had
 just turned in all the projects for my
 newest book, finished some repairs
 that I had taken on to do (One was
 a restoration of an antique
 bedspread), and decided to freshen
 up my house. 

Every once in a while I decide to use a bedspread, that I made in 1975.  Well, I initially started it in 1975
and it was made for a double bed.  Quite a few years
later, I got a queen size bed, so I added to the spread.
More years after that, I got a king size bed, so more squares and additional rows were required.

As I took it out of my blanket chest this morning, and put it on my bed, I realized that I really love this bed spread.  It is made using traditional granny squares and rows of double crochet, more like one giant granny.  I used Galler Parisian Cotton to make it, and it has held up well through the years.

To get a rectangle shape, rather than a square,
I started the center with smaller grannies, having more length wise and fewer width wise.

Close up of the center

Close up of the edging.

Granny Squares are timeless and versatile, and I still
love them.

Have a great day.




Anonymous said...

absolutely beautiful afghan in "classic" colors....

Anonymous said...

Grannies squares are my favorite :) Thanks for sharing.