Thursday, April 10, 2008


                                                     THE DALLAS FORT WORTH FIBER FEST

                                                              Good Morning Everyone.

                                                              I arrived home yesterday afternoon,
                                                              tired but so happy.  I had a wonderful time at the festival.  What a great, enthusiastic crowd of attendees.  The organizers of the event made the teachers feel like royalty, and made every effort to meet the attendees needs.  The market was great, the fashion show fun, though very heavily in the knit department and very little crochet fashions.  The teachers portion of the fashion show, did have more crochet.  I don't have a lot of time this morning, but I will try to put some more photos up later.

One of the highlights for me was, my friend, Tim Klein,
drove up to the conference in his yarn covered car, and took me to lunch.  It was really fun driving around in that car, and we attracted lots of attention.

Lots of people wanted their picture taken with the car.

Karen, Jerry, Molly, me

Here we go!  Do you love the "Miss America Wave" thats
how I felt.  That's Molly and Sharon in back waiting to get
into the car.

Have a great day.


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