Thursday, May 31, 2007


Good Morning Everyone,

I had a very busy, very happy Memorial Day weekend.
 My oldest grandson was married in Boston, and my whole
 family was together for the happy event. 

I bought my dress for the wedding in about 20 minutes while
doing a crochet demo at  the Mall of America this past February,
 it took me two weeks  to find a pair of shoes.  I could not find
a bag at all, so at the last minute decided to make one.  I only
 had 2 days, so I thought that I would start out by just making
a little filet crochet mesh, and lining it.  If time permitted I
would add some free form embellishment.  I found a great
shimmery yarn at my local yarn shop, and started working.

I worked on it in the car on the 4 hour drive, and was tucking
in some ends later that evening. 

The wedding festivities were great fun, but I was totally
exhausted by the time we arrived back home on Monday.

Have a great day!

Me with the groom,
his dad (my son), and his brother, waiting for the
bride to arrive at the church.

I started
with a rectangle of simple filet crochet, lined it, folded it in
half, sewed the sides, added shell trim on bottom and a ruffle
on top, added a drawstring.

All the embellishments were added later by surface
crochet or separate pieces sewn on. 

Have a great day!


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Anonymous said...

the bag is beautiful and everyone looked so stylish:) what type of yarn did you use?