Friday, June 1, 2007

Another busy weekend

Good Morning All,

I am off to Harvard, MA for the weekend, this time for
another happy family event.  My days just go flying

Robin wrote and asked what yarn was used for
 the little bag that I made for my Grandson's

I used Katia Sevilla, it is a very lovely, silky, shimmery,
 slippery yarn.  I had to place an elastic band
around the ball and let a few yards off at a time,
or the whole thing unravels.  It works up so lovely
though, that once I figured out how to control it, it
worked out fine. 

Unfortunately, I did not write down anything that I did,
but several people have asked, so I may try to do the
instructions at some point.  There is a lot of Free Form
and surface crochet going on, so I doubt that I will be
able to recreate it exactly.  I started with a base of filet
crochet about 9 inches wide, and just worked a rectangle
for 14 inches.  I lined the piece while still flat, then folded
it in half, sewed the sides.  I added a row of shell st along
the bottom, then made a little ruffle across the top.  I made
2 chains, adding in some beads, and ran them in
opposite directions through the last row of filet stitches
to form the drawstring.  I did put some
beads in here and there, but
they match the yarn so perfectly that you cannot see
them in the photos at all.  Photos of both sides in
previous entry.

Have a great weekend!


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