Monday, May 7, 2007

Some things you never forget

Hi Everyone,

Every Monday morning, for about 10 years now, I have been teaching a crochet class at my local yarn shop.  Attendance has been falling off the past few weeks, and I thought that perhaps its  time to give it up.  I have been so busy with my books and designs and I really wondered why I continued to do the weekly teaching.

Then, this morning a woman came in to see me.  She said that her mother had taught her to crochet many years ago, but that she had forgotten all that she had ever learned.  She was expecting a first grandchild, and really wanted to make a baby blanket for the new arrival.

She had my book, HOOKED THROWS, in her hand and had chosen the rainbow blanket for her first project.  After a few less than perfect tries, her brain began to remember what it had  learned long ago.  Very quickly, her fingers also started to remember how to hold the hook, how to yarn over etc.  Before the 2 hours were up she had one block made and was ready to change colors.

The happiness that she felt was contagious.  Everyone in the shop was cheering her on.  Thanks Carol, for reminding me why I teach in the first place, and if I ever think of giving it up again, I will think of the smile on your face as you thanked me.

Have a great evening!


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Anonymous said...

Sweet story!