Friday, April 14, 2006

Holiday Weekend, etc

Hi Everyone,

Happy Holiday Weekend!

I was feeling blue, this week, as it was a relatively slow fiber related week. After the several weeks of highs, my books coming out, designs in several magazines, Ewephoric Weekend etc, etc, here I was at a standstill.

Making endless swatches,  trying to find the right color combo, yarn and stitch for my new projects.  I felt as if I was not making any progress at all.  Kind of like "writers block" for designers.  Did my well of ideas dry up????

Sometimes ideas come in the strangest ways.  I was at my daughter's, and she showed me a little dress that she had made for my grand daughter's doll.  My daughter is a very busy, working Mom of 3, and sometimes I wonder that she even has time to breathe, let alone make doll clothes.  She is very creative, and in another life (before marriage, kids, career etc) she even had her knit and crochet designs accepted for publication in several magazines.  Sharon had come up with a very clever idea, using a very ordinary stitch in an unusual way.  I loved it.  I asked her if I could "steal" her idea and apply it to what I was working on.  Of course she said yes (wonderful daughter that she is).  I could not wait to get home to try it out.  Boy did I have fun,  I came up with several designs, one that I really liked.  The well was flowing again.  Thanks Sharon!

Remeber Jackie, my student from last year, who made me feel so good at Ewephoric Weekend?  Well Jackie is at it again.  I received an e-mail from her this morning.  She was so excited about being on my blog, she told everyone in her immediate world to go see her picture on my blog.  She is such an avid student,  every teacher's dream.  I just had to put Jackie's picture up again, so all her friends and family would be sure to see it.  Thanks Jackie.

Have a great weekend everyone


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