Saturday, April 15, 2006

Alls well that ends well

Happy Holiday Weekend Everyone,

About a month ago, I received a mail order for two of my video tapes and booklets from C.  I mailed them right out, priority mail, and they should have arrived safe and sound at their destination in about 2 or 3 days. 

About 3 weeks later, I received an e-mail asking if I received the check, and about how long should the order take.  Needless to say I was concerned, after all,  priority mail should not take so long.  I went to the Post Office, receipt in hand, and was advised to wait a few more days, before filling out a claim form.  Meanwhile, I wrote to C and asked her to please check with her PO, to be sure that they were not holding the package.  After many e-mails back and forth, several trips to the PO, and filling out the paper work, I mailed off another package. 

Two days later I received an e-mail from C, BOTH packages were delivered on the same day, dated 1 month apart!  Well that was good news, but where was the first package for a whole month?  We arranged that one package would be sent back to me.

Any way, now comes the fun part.  C's Mom was visiting her that same weekend, and started watching the tapes.  Mom decided she would buy the second set.  Yesterday, I received a check, and a lovely note from C and Mom, telling me how much they enjoyed them, and how they felt that the tapes contained so much useful information, etc. They also loved the instruction booklet that I send with the tapes.  Their enthusiasm really made my day. 

Have a great day



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Anonymous said...

How exciting that both mother and daughter wanted a copy. Must have been your reward for posting the second video to replace the one that went missing.