Friday, April 7, 2006

The Amazing Internet?

Hi Everyone,

Seems to me it was just a few days ago, that I was extolling the amazing qualities of the Internet, the awe I felt that I was actually blogging etc.  Well, today, and yesterday, and the day before that, my feelings were not quite that ecstatic. 

 My friend Dee suggested that perhaps I should follow her suit and make my blog a .com.  Now I know that Dee has a lot of confidence in me, and she e-mailed me the instructions, seriously thinking that I could just follow them and off I would go.  Dee also did a search on my name, Hooks and Needles, and told me that there was an on line list with that name, so she suggested I make it "My Hooks and Needles". 

After about a half hour, I finally figured out how to change my blog name, only to find out that my hard won, over 1000 visits, was now once again reduced to ZERO.  Oh this hurt, because it was the second time that it happened :-(. 

There must be something wrong here, because losing that "number" almost overshadowed my joy at receiving my second book, HOOKED HATS, in the mail.  The book is a collection of very easy to make hats.  The color photos, the gorgeous models and wonderful photography are just so beautiful, I love it. Even though it is not due to ship for a few months, it can be ordered on .

In addition to receiving a copy of the book, I finally received a copy of CREATIVE KNITTING MAGAZINE, with my article and free form bag in it, and I had lots of nice e-mails about my sweater set in the new CROCHET MAGAZINE, I had a mention in the INTERWEAVE KNITS CROCHET ISSUE, and two bags in VOGUE BAGS ON THE GO. 

With all these great things going on in my life, why oh why, am I letting this wonderful, awe inspiring, frustrating tool, that we call a computer,  get to me so? And believe me, I am not even mentioning what I am going through trying to renew my anti-virus protection subscription, which expires today (Oh where are my kids when I need them?). 

Have a great day


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Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret,
Keep tabs of the hit count; we'll restore it to it's true count soon.
Trust me, not all is lost!    :)

I can't wait to see your new publications!