Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Free Form Crochet and Knit

Good Morning Everyone,

My trip to Morcambe, England to attend the EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED workshops, being organized by Pauline Turner, is coming up really fast. 

I started making a new free form sweater about 2 weeks ago, hoping to get it done in time to  enter it in the fashion show at the event.  As the time was flying by, I decided that if I was ever going to get it done, I had better modify my design.  I thought that if I made the sleeves in a simple crochet shell stitch pattern, instead of the more time consuming free form, I just might do it.  I finished it this morning and I love the results.  The sweater turned out to be light and airy, making it great for summer wear, and I love the contrast of the free form, against the simpler stitch of the sleeves.

I am really starting to get excited about this trip, It should be a wonderful adventure.

Have a great day,



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Anonymous said...

It's beautiful, Margaret!