Saturday, July 7, 2012

More Chain Link 2012 photos

Good Morning Everyone,

I think that this will be my last post on Chain Link 2012.  Running into deadlines etc, no more time to play right now.  The conference was so much fun, and the photos will keep the memories alive for me.

My Free Form Combination Knit and Crochet Class is by far the most popular class that I teach.  The students are so enthusiastic and they come up with some great Projects.

Look at all the happy faces showing us their great projects.

Bavarian Crochet took some concentration but they all "got" it.

The Intermeshing class was really a challenge, but fun to learn.  James Walters taught me this stitch when I met him on a trip to Australia.  James gave me permission to develop a workshop in the US (as long as I told everyone that I learned it from him ;-). Thanks James. To see more of James work go to

Did you get it yet??

At PDD we were knitting scarves for charity. It was so cold in the room, Melissa Leapman was crocheting scarves so quickly, and wrapping them around herself to keep warm. That's KJ Hay, smiling for the camera.

Is that a knitting needle that I see :-)

So long to a another great conference, we are going to do it all again in September, in Reno, NV

Enjoy your weekend.


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Unknown said...

Please feel free to fly with Intermeshing without having to mention my name, Margaret. You have done more than most to take all forms of crochet to the world and I honour you for that. Also I am proud to know you. Best wishes and stay well and happy