Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Teaching Crochet

Good Morning All,

For the past 10 years or so, every Monday morning, I have been teaching a crochet class at The Yarn Box in Pawling, NY. We are so lucky to have a shop like this in such a small town. Marie Stewart, the owner, has always tried to provide crochet classes and workshops along with the knitting ones.

Most of the student's who join the class, know a little crochet, or at least learned to make tons of chains as a child. Yesterday, I had a student who did not even know how to hold a hook, had never learned to crochet or knit as a child, and was really having a difficult time making her fingers work.

As the class went on, I worried that she might just give up. I was encouraging, urged her to keep trying, that it would happen. By the end of the class she was
making a single crochet, not perfect, but doing it. It is an amazing thing to watch, that moment the light comes on, and the smile appears. Before she left, she
bought some yarn, was checking out all the books, thinking of her first project.
Her story is just beginning but I think she is "hooked"!

I love teaching.

Have a great day,


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Anonymous said...

I've had students like that too & you are absolutely right - I'm never sure who gets the most pleasure... the student or the teacher as that light goes on - R