Friday, November 30, 2007

PLUS SIZE CROCHET/Entrelac crochet

Good Morning Everyone,

I heard from my editor yesterday, that PLUS SIZE CROCHET is already going into a second printing.  Since this book was just released on Nov 1st, I think that is so great - thank you all.

On another note, all of a sudden there has been quite a few orders for my Entrelac Crochet baby afghan and cardigan.  When this happens, it is usually because someone mentions them in their blog, as was the case when Dee
mentioned them.  If that is the case, thank you whoever you are.  I love it. 

I often forget to mention them myself, and also mention that there is a men's pullover in the group too.  They can be ordered from

This sweater has knitted sleeves.
I thought that the Tunisian Stitch, in this
weight yarn, was a little too heavy for

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.


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