Thursday, October 4, 2007

More Fun in Oakland

Good Morning Everyone,

I guess that I went a little crazy with the
camera this time because I still have lots
of photos to share. 

Jennifer and me, clowning at the Free Formers
party.  Jen loves to tease me, and I can give it
right back to her :-)

Jennifer using her Isabelt
in a very innovative way!  Look closely at
her neckline.  If you love to laugh, spend some
time with Jen and Myra, your sides will ache.
Jennifer is the force behind
For some really great patterns check out her site.

Mayra just had to try on this coat.

Lang Anh in her beautiful jacket.

Darla Fanton and Bobbie Matela joining us
at the Free Formers Party.  Darla is a designer
and teacher, Bobbie is editor of Creative Knitting

Vashti, Doris, Myra and Marty, following
tradition and exchanging clothing after
the fashion show.  Can you tell that we were
partying again?

Margaret Fisher, Bill, Bonnie, and Lang Anh
enjoying the lounge and having fun.

Marty, Marilyn and Margaret F.

Have a great day,


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