Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More New Jacket

Good Morning Everyone,

I decided on a plain knitted back for this jacket.  As I
said, I want to keep it much lighter in weight, and I
also want to combine knitting and crochet into it as
much as possible.  I may decide to  embellish the back
with some surface crochet later on.

I did make a beginning on the sleeves.  I made one
template, and I am pinning my "scrumbles" on both
sides.  This will ensure that my sleeves will be the same
size.  I plan on making the sleeves a wide kimono style
about elbow length.

I started out with the bottom bands of both
sleeves being exactly the same.

The sleeves will be asymmetrical. Beginning
of the left sleeve.

Beginning of the right sleeve.

Back to work.

Have a great day!


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