Saturday, September 22, 2007

bags, bags and more bags etc

Happy Saturday Everyone,

I have had fun, busy week.  I finished my jacket and
I am almost all packed for my trip.  In addition to those
 two things I have had a really nice e-mail from Lucy. 
Lucy shared her black bag with us a few days ago
 and gave me her permission to use it on my blog.
 After Lucy, saw the blog , she e-mailed me the following ;

Thank you, Margaret. It is my pleasure to share the
 black purse with you. I feel a bit like my second grade
students when I show off my work to you, my "teacher".
Your patterns turn out so nicely, I just have
 to show you!

Thank you Lucy, I cannot think of a nicer compliment!

After all the excitement of the crochet-along with the
8 Pocket Tote  from my book HOOKED BAGS, and
the flurry of excitement about free form, after my
posting about my new jacket -

I thought that I would show a little diagram of how to make a
free form bag.  Making a bag in this way would be an easy
way to start on free form.  Trying the method  on a small item,
allows you to test the waters, see if you like it, before starting
on a larger project.

This is a diagram that I use in my workshops and it
is helpful to students.  Making little pieces of knit and/or
crochet, and sewing them to a base or lining, is the
easiest way to begin free forming.

More on this later

Have a great day



Anonymous said...

Dear Margaret,
  I have been eagerly watching all blogs to see the different stages of your magnificent jacket.  It is quite beautiful !!!  Congratulations on such a gorgeous creation and wear it in GOOD HEALTH !!!!
  i LOOK FORWARD TO A CLASS OR COURSE WITH YOU AND SEEING IT IN PERSON.  Perhaps our Newly formed Stamford Chain Gang can have you as a guest speaker one day?  
 Have a wonderful trip and please let us know thru yur blog all about it !!!                    YOur Crochet Fan,
                         Rochelle Senker

Anonymous said...

  Dear Maragret,
    I forgot to mention that i have a suggestion for you--that you should do a Book on Freeform.  What do you think?  You make it all look SO EASY !!!!               Best wishes,