Thursday, August 23, 2007

Teaching, book correction etc

Good Morning Everyone,

First I want to tell you about an error that a
reader found in my book Hooked Throws.  It is on
page 33, the instructions for the Delicate
Web Wrap.  In the very last sentence it says
"ending with 3 dc in same st as beg, join with
Sl st to form last corner, fasten off".  It should
be  "ending with 3 dc in same st as beg, ch 3,
join with a sl st".  I really appreciate readers
alerting me to any errors found.  Thankfully,
they have been few and far between.

One of my new students, who has only been
 crocheting for a very short time has just
completed a magnificent felted bag.  Carolyn
has given me permission to share her lovely
bag with you.

Carolyn arrived at class with a copy of my HOOKED
BAGS, asking for help making Pocket Bag of Posies
on page 19.  She decided that she wanted to try
felting.  When I explained that if she followed those
directions, using the yarn called for, felting would
not work.  So,  we chose a much heavier yarn and a
much larger hook than the original yarn called
for, we also added a few more stitches to allow
for the shrinkage that occurs while felting.  Carolyn
 chose Lopi Yarn, and she made her flowers and
leaves using instructions from FUN WITH FREE FORM
CROCHET.  I think that you will agree her bag is

PS; The bag was photographed in front of THE YARN
AND CRAFT BOX,  in Pawling, New york, where
I have been teaching for a long time.
Marie Stewart, owner, has always been very
supportive of knitters and crocheters
alike, and has always offered knit and crochet lessons.



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Anonymous said...

Dear Margaret,
Please tell Carolyn that I am impressed. You said new student, is she new to crochet?  Her bag is awesome.  What a great job you both did. I love the yarn she chose, and the colors are just what I'd love, tooI also loved the location for the picture. I guessed at it from the window with the spinning wheel and yarn. LOL. I hope you are well and having a good summer. You seem to be having great fun.             Mary G from NJ.