Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happily Hooked on Crochet August Meeting

Good Morning Everyone,

Things are beginning to quiet down a little
and I can breathe again.  Final book
projects done, two designs for magazines
 done, waiting for yarn for a new project to
arrive, so a few days to catch up.

Sunday was the August meeting of the Happily
Hooked on Crochet Guild, a chapter of CGOA. 
I have been a member for over 5 years now,
and have seen the group grow into something
really special.  We had two more new members
join us this month.  In addition to all the charity
projects that we do, its a fun, social group.
Members continually volunteer to teach each
other new skills, share hints and tricks and 
offer encouragement and support to each other.

One of our new members, shared her crocheted
fabric strip basket.  The picture does not do it
justice, it is beautiful.

Everyone busily crocheting and chatting.

This month we had a yarn exchange, everyone
brought in some yarn, we put it all on a table
then everyone chose some different yarn to
take home with them.

Here's Dee,
chatting with two new members.

Busy, busy

On an entirely different note, I will be teaching classes
at the Oakland, CA Knit/Crochet conference,
coming up in Sept.

Two of my classes, Finishing Your Crochet Like a Pro,
and Adding Crochet to Your Knitting, are in danger
of being canceled for lack of sign up. Quite some
time ago I asked what kind of classes students wanted
and changed my class schedule to meet the responses
that I received.  It is difficult to come up with, and then
develop new workshops, so I hope that in the next 2
weeks more students will sign up .
 I would hate to have to take them off my list of offered

Have a great day!


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Anonymous said...

HI  Margaret,   I think u are my angel today.   I have been wanting to have a better understanding about my knitting project.   I learned the casting on and knitting stitch because I wanted to work on something relaxing and soon I have alarge piece of fabric knitted  ( no purling)    I wanted to either add some crochet edging or make it a book bag and add a strap.... the thing is Margaret...   I am  troubled in the case of ending the project without knowing the proper way to  end... how do I  get the  loops off the needles without losing ...and unraveling.. I know there must be an easy way to do this...only I didnt learn that part.  PLEASE help me through this....or I will have a large long long  piece of knitted fabric.... it will be the endless scarf or    Kindest Regards   Lindy