Saturday, August 11, 2007


Hi Everyone,

The last two weeks have been hectic to say in the
least.  I had deadlines looming for my latest book,
and "gremlins" invaded my life.  Every single thing
that could have gone wrong - DID!

Wednesday morning, I  sent in the final
materials needed to complete the book, worked
with the tech editor for a bit, now all that needs
doing is going over the last 7 sets of instructions.
The photo shoot is next week.  I am still not at
liberty to discuss the contents , but lets just
say its a departure for me.  Definitely a little
out of my comfort zone,  different than anything
 that I have done so far.

When I sent in the last of the materials, I thought "I
cannot do this anymore, I'm done, I have nothing
more in me".  I spent the next two days doing
nothing.  I read a little, I Looked through the new
25th anniversary issue of Vogue Knitting.  What a
 fabulous issue it is too.  I did some previously
neglected catching up with e-mails, errands, mundane
things, etc.  Two whole days, no needles or hooks in
my hands. 

Last night, I decided to look through the stack of fashion
magazines that I have been collecting, next thing I knew
I was dragging out old knitting magazines from the 70's.
Very soon, without my even realizing it, a germ of an idea
started cooking in my brain.  I started dragging out yarn
and needles and hooks, paper and pencil.  Before long
I had a bunch of swatches and sketches and a new idea
for yet another book.  This morning, Looking at the mess
that I had created last night, and the fun that I had doing it,
 I realized that there is no way I can stop
doing what I do.  I don't know if this new idea will lead
any where, but I do know that I will pursue it. 
Sometimes all it takes is a day or two to recharge the
batteries, and I am off and running again.

Have a great weekend.


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Anonymous said...


I was on the site and saw you updated your blog, so I thought I would stop by and take a peak!

Congradulations Margaret on getting your book published!

Happy Blogging