Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Amazing People in My World

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I had a rare day today, a day that had no appointments, no deadlines looming, nothing that had to be done yesterday and it was also gloomy and raining. I planned to do so much work, but I had a little trouble getting started. 

I am working on another  new book (really just beginning) and it is proving to be a challenge for me, as it is a little different than anything I have ever done before.  I have been driving my editor, Linda Neubauer, slightly mad (she would never tell me that) with my unending questions and phone calls. While talking to Linda this morning, I realized what a truly amazing person she is. After I spoke to Linda for about the 3rd time, a germ of an idea was planted in my brain. I thought that I should do a series of blog posts acknowledging some of the amazing people in my world.

Before I start this journey, I have to go back to the beginning and thank my wonderful Mother, who always encouraged me, was so proud of me, and even told me that I could be president if I wanted to.  My Father who told me that I was given a great gift and told me never to be too lazy to open the box. The first two truly amazing people in my world!

Back to Linda. I have been working with Linda for about 9 years and she has always been encouraging and most helpful, guiding me through some of the technical stuff that I was not familiar with, always with a smile and such patience. 

Besides being an editor, Linda is an expert at sewing and has written quite a few books herself -  THE COMPLETE PHOTO GUIDE TO WINDOW TREATMENTS, COMPLETE PHOTO GUIDE TO SLIPCOVERS, THE COMPLETE PHOTO GUIDE TO CURTAINS AND DRAPERIES, to name a few. All are available on

        Linda Neubauer, amazing person

Thanks Linda for all your help.

Have a great day everyone.



mirjam said...

Dear Margaret
How delightful that you want to write about Interesting people in your life. Since you yourself are a very interesting person in my life,
Your book`One piece Knits that
fit ` Has enriched my life.And later `meeting` you in the FFcrochet group has resulted in a lovely exhibition here, and other good times.

Unknown said...

I have your book The Granny Square and I want TO MAKE ONE OF YOUR THROWS. The one I want to make is on pages 166 & 167, I can not find the instructions. All I find is for the border. Would you please point me in the right direction for the instructions. Thanks so much.