Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Good Morning Everyone,

Best intentions and all that good stuff. I find it so hard to find the time to blog, but last night I finished a project that did not go well (ended up well though), so I decided to celebrate by wishing everyone a great holiday weekend.

I had an interesting, happy week. I was able to do a really nice thing for someone who I really like a lot, and who is really a very nice person AND I was able to complete the design that was giving me grief because I ran out of yarn, causing me to miss my deadline. If that was not enough, I received great compliments about my new Free Form book from Annie's Attic, that will be out soon.

I also attended our chapter's Coffee and Chat on Wednesday morning, and had lots of laughs.

If I am sounding a little rambling this morning, blame it on the heat, it is already 85 and climbing.

Weeks ago, one of my students sent me a photo of her free form bag, that she completed after attending my workshop. I always love posting photos that I receive from students, so here is Joyce B's bag. Bag looks gorgeous back and front, great job Joyce. I love the way each student's bag looks so different, even though they all receive the same instructions.

Have a great weekend


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